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This Is How Japan’s Train-Cleaning Crews Clean The Bullet Train In Only Seven Minutes

I’ve witnessed this in person so many times that I had stopped noticing, but now that I think about it… it is pretty impressive.

Though I will add that I’ve taken many Shinkansen[1] and witnessed many cleaning crews and never once seen them line up to bow like in the video[2]. Usually they slip out quickly and quietly.

  1. Bullet train.  ↩

  2. Almost always from Nagoya to Tokyo or the reverse, so perhaps it is just that this line is the no-​​bow line.  ↩

Chance Double Exposures Shot With A Kodak Reflex II

Adam Allegro, on his double exposure photo project, titled “Fortuitous Layers”:

I began shooting a roll of film, re-​​spooling it, and then shooting it again, sometimes weeks later, without knowledge of what I photographed initially. The resulting images showcase this dynamic, incorporating a disciplined, stylistic approach and a complex, time-​​consuming method into an experiment of chance.

Some wonderful images here.

Want To Learn Japanese?

Jasmine at ZoomingJapan goes into some detail on how she learned Japanese.

You gotta put a lot of effort and time into this. There’s no way around it. If you thought I’m going to show you some magic trick how to become fluent in Japanese quickly, then you might as well stop reading now.

I can’t tell you what you should do in order to be successful in your studies. I won’t sit down next to you and hold your hand while you study. I wouldn’t be a good Japanese teacher anyway. All I can do is share how I learned Japanese by telling you what worked for me and what didn’t.

Some great tips included in her piece.

This Is How Giraffes Sleep

Take a good look at these giraffe nap pics, because you won’t often catch a giraffe sleeping. In fact, despite being the tallest animal, giraffes have the shortest sleep requirements of any mammal, sleeping an average of just 30 minutes per day. And when they do sleep, usually it’s just for a few minutes; until the 1950s, researchers believed that giraffes don’t sleep at all.

Some nice photos of something most of us have never seen.


Ben Proudfoot’s latest video is a wonderful look at woodturning with woodturning master Steven Kennard.

TURNS is a portrait of master woodturner Steven Kennard.

It may be about woodturning specifically, but it’s also about artistry in general1.

  1. I know there are many of you who will argue photography is not artistry. I disagree. 

Perfect Cubes Of Food

Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant asked us to make a photograph for their documentary photography special, with the theme Food. We transformed unprocessed food into perfect cubes of 2,5 x 2,5 x 2,5 cm.

Strange, but facinating to look at.

(via Kottke)

Facebook And Paypal Are Not Stealing Your Photographs

Rachel Brenke at the LawTog, explains that no, Facebook isn’t stealing our photos.

Despite the many status updates, frantic forum postings and articles circling by photography industry blogs, Facebook and Paypal are not trying to steal ownership of your photography at upload.

She goes on:

We should also be smarter than to rely on the credibility of one-​​off posts on the Internet without doing our research.

I understand how easy it is to panic, especially when this is our livelihoods, but it seems like there is a mass panic about Facebook stealing our photos at least once every week or two. Next time you see a panicked post about how X company is stealing your photos, I urge you to take a deep breath and wait a few days for the lawyers to come out and explain (as they always do) how there is nothing to worry about. And if they don’t… well, then panic, but at least wait a few days.

Geometric Line And Dot Tattoos

Turkey artist Bicem Sinik designs and creates some very impressive minimalistic tattoos. I’m not a tattoo person, but I am very impresed with these designs.

Flickr's New Features

Thomas Hawk on the most recent big Flickr update:

Flickr is actually using image recognition technology and algorithms to determine what your photos are of and then auto-​​tagging them based on this technology. If Flickr gets a tag wrong you will always be able to manually remove the automated tag. The tags that you add will be in a different shade than the auto-​​tags making it easy to see which ones you added and which ones Flickr added based on this technology.

I had been wondering why some of my photos had suddenly been given new tags. Cool feature.