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Hyper Drive Yurikamone

Amazing time-lapse video by darwinfish105. Videos like this almost make me jealous of my friends in the big city. Almost

His Mirrored Tokyo video is also getting a lot of attention. If you can understand Japanese, here is the original post.

The best tool ever for black and white photography

Elie Bescont, on making your own choices when editing an image:

You might like what I did with that raw image that came out of the camera, you might not, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is that I made my own decisions. I didn’t just twist buttons until the magic happens, I looked at the picture and thought how it should be. And then I applied my decisions to the picture using Lightroom. It doesn’t matter if you are a master of the paint brush tool or not. You don’t wake up in the morning grabbing a hammer and then wondering what you could do with it that day. You first come up with a project, and if it involves sticking nails in walls then you should start to learn a little bit more about that hammer you stored in the backyard cabin. That’s why all these articles about “that particular tool in Photoshop” are absurd. And that’s why the best tool ever for black and white photography is having a plan for your image before you start twisting buttons and playing with tools.

A nice workflow and a great philosophy.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Torii Gates

…but were afraid to ask.

Actually, it’s more of a brief overview. I keep meaning to write a sequel article that delves into more detail, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Anyway, I just updated this old post, fixing some grammar and mis-spellings and replacing most of the Flickr photos with my own.

The Anti-VSCO Photographer

Conor McClure:

I’m going to come out and say it: I’m Anti-VSCO. I think that too many photographers rely too heavily on these presets, and I see less and less visual variety every day because of it.

I think we all saw this coming. Anything that becomes popular enough will eventually gain some rebellion against it.

I don’t think criticizing the tool itself — VSCO filters, in this case — instead of the lazy, human tendency to find a shortcut to success is very helpful. He does make some excellent points about attempting to buy your way to talent, however. As I often point out: do a search for any great camera on Flickr and you will see more shit photos than good photos.

One niggle:

If you’re truly in pursuit of the “film look,” for heaven’s sake, shoot film!

The problem with this is many (certainly not all) of of films VSCO emulates are not available anymore. Thus if we want to use the look, we have to use VSCO (or some other filter emulating the look).

My personal main beef with VSCO is no Kodachrome.[1]

  1. Which, I might add, is not available anymore. Even if you can track down some rolls of it to shoot with, it is impossible to have developed.  ↩

From The Archives: Stormy Sky Over Church

I remember taking this shot a few years ago. The sky had been darkening for awhile and I knew it would let loose soon, but I went out anyway to take some photos, including this one. After just a few minutes I headed home and got in just in time — moments later it came pouring down.

HDR clouds and stormy sky

Shoot Tokyo: The Book

My good friend Dave from ShootTokyo recently made a Kickstarter project to produce a photography book. And what a beautiful book it is!

I meant to link to this a while ago, but as with everything lately, I was distracted by the demands of caring for my son. At this point the Kickstarter is over, but the results were nothing short of amazing. He only asked for $5000, but nearly $40,000 was pledged. Wow!

You can buy the book here