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VSCO Film 00: A Brief Look

Kodak Gold 100 +++

Eariler today I linked to the newest VSCO film emulation pack, VSCO Film 00. This is intended to be their starter pack from this point forward, a free collection of filters that will hopefully get people hooked so they buy more. Let’s look inside it.

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VSCO Film 00

If you’ve never tried VSCO filters before and wonder what all the fuss is about, this free filter pack is worth a look. The pack includes Kodak Gold and Kodak Tri-X, and all the variations of these two films—16 variations of each, making 32 actual filters to try.

VSCO isn’t for everything, but they can be fun to play with and used as starting points, especially if you like the film look.

The Anti-VSCO Photographer

Conor McClure:

I’m going to come out and say it: I’m Anti-VSCO. I think that too many photographers rely too heavily on these presets, and I see less and less visual variety every day because of it.

I think we all saw this coming. Anything that becomes popular enough will eventually gain some rebellion against it.

I don’t think criticizing the tool itself—VSCO filters, in this case—instead of the lazy, human tendency to find a shortcut to success is very helpful. He does make some excellent points about attempting to buy your way to talent, however. As I often point out: do a search for any great camera on Flickr and you will see more shit photos than good photos.

One niggle:

If you’re truly in pursuit of the “film look,” for heaven’s sake, shoot film!

The problem with this is many (certainly not all) of of films VSCO emulates are not available anymore. Thus if we want to use the look, we have to use VSCO (or some other filter emulating the look).

My personal main beef with VSCO is no Kodachrome.[1]

  1. Which, I might add, is not available anymore. Even if you can track down some rolls of it to shoot with, it is impossible to have developed.  ↩