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New Years Temple Bell

As many of you may know, in Japan Xmas is a rather minor holiday. Perhaps the young embrace it more than the old, and those who think Western things are better than Japanese, but on the whole it isn’t that important. What is important, however, is New Years, or oshogatsu (oh-sho-gah-tsu).

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A Merry Sushi 2010

What the heck? Yeah, I know. Wait—let me explain. The photo you see below is from the recent Toyokawa Autumn Festival, which I have talked about a few times before (no worries—link after the photo). For reasons that are not entirely clear to me (I can guess tho… more below), one of their chosen celebrations was to spell out inari and the year with Inari Sushi, that is, pockets of deep fried tofu stuffed with rice (a good, but very sweet sushi).

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& Merry Christmas" rel="bookmark">Daily Photo: Big Festival! & Merry Christmas

These paper lanterns are from Toyokawa’s autumn festival several weeks back. They read taisai or big festival. This particular festival is something of a lantern festival—in fact, one of the festival names is chochin matsuri, chochin being the name of this kind of lantern & matsuri meaning festival, so lantern festival! But you will usually see these kind of lanterns at almost all festivals.

I don’t have any Japan Christmas photos. Sorry—I guess I never thought to take any of the colonel in his Santa outfit (yes, it’s kind of common to see at KFCs around here… google it). But Christmas is a festival of sorts, so I thought this photo fit.

On that note: Merry Christmas, everyone!! Thank you very very much for your support of JapanDave.com over this past year. I hope you all have a great holiday with your families.

Big Festival!

See more shots from Toyokawa Inari.

JapanDave Christmas Giveaway

Later today I’ll be giving away a Christmas gift on the JapanDave Facebook FUN club. I suggest you go sign up now so you can be notified as soon as I release the gift. 🙂 Sign up here.

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Once again, Merry Christmas!

Slight Smile

I was asked the other day if I ever did anything other than HDR photography. Of course I do. I usually only post HDR to this blog in part because that is what people have come to expect from me, but I do occasionally post some non-HDR images. I also have an entire other blog set up for a more lo-fi type of photography from my iPhone.

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Lots of Cranes

Origami has become pretty popular all over the world, so I’m sure you all know how to make folding cranes, or have at least seen them before. Have you seen strings of a thousand before, though? It is relatively common in Japan. Called senbazuru (千羽鶴) you are likely to see them in all kinds of places.

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