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Water Dragon

It’s the year of the Water Dragon, so another look at the guardian of the temizuya1 at the shinto shrine.

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  1. teh-​​me-​​zoo-​​yah 

Chained Dragon

I suppose your first reaction upon seeing this chained dragon1 might be along the lines of “good — best keep that dangerous creature trapped”, but let’s remember that unlike the demonic, sinister dragons in European stories, the Asian dragon is seen as a gentle, peaceful creature and a force for good. Considering that, it seems kind of cruel to keep him chained there. Hmm… maybe I should have freer him. I could have gotten a wish or something. Oh well.

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That’s one mean looking dragon!

Dragon guarding water

This is a Chozuya, it is the place in a Shinto shrine where you are suppose to perform temizu, or in other words to wash your hands, rinse your mouth, and wash the ladle itself. It is a way to purify yourself before praying at the shrine. Shinto is very big on keeping everything clean.