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Six Little Monks

This is one of my favorite shots ever, and wouldn’t you know it… it was taken with the crappy 2MP camera of my iPhone 3G. Not the ideal camera to capture such a scene, but you make do with what you have (or as as [Chase Jarvis][] puts it, “The best camera is the one that’s with you”)

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Just Another Monk

A monk or a Bodhisattva? Not sure. I didn’t stop to see if there was any description to this statue. Either way, another great example of the interesting mix of things you see when walking down a Japanese street. This was in Nagoya, in the middle of a busy street.

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Furrowed Brow


Pondering the meaning of life, or worried about something, or just tired and in need of a nap. Wonder what they guy is suppose to be thinking. Continue Reading →

Meditating Buddha in the Wild

Buddha meditating away on his lotus blossom in a peaceful zen temple in Okazaki.

Here we have the Buddha, just chilling out in the wild, sitting on his lotus blossom chair and meditating away on whatever it is that buddhas meditate about: How to save poor, unenlightened jokers like myself, I hope.

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Tokugawa’s Cherry Blossoms

Daily Photo

The big guy, Tokugawa Ieyasu, striking a pose in front of some cherry blossoms. For those who don’t know, Ieyasu was the first of the Tokugawa Shoguns, the de facto rulers of Japan for 250 or so years starting in 1603. He was born in Okazaki so he’s kind of popular around here. Continue Reading →

Tanuki Family

I‘ve talked about tanuki before, the raccoon dogs unique to Japan. You see statues of these guys everywhere, usually depicting them with the turtle shell hat and a jug of saké. It looks like I stumbled upon an entire family of them here. You’ll notice even junior has his small jug of saké. Maybe a good subtitle for this photo would be The Family That Drinks Together, Stays Together.

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A Boy and His Horse

One of the many statues along the ancient Tokaido Highway. The stonework here is really good.

Another of the many statues from the ancient Tokaido Highway where it passes through Okazaki on it’s way to the castle. See the others in this series here. This one is a boy and his horse, or a short man and his horse, either way.

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Pausing for a Pipe

This is another of the many statues along the old Tokaido Road as it passes through downtown Okazaki. This one seems to be showing us a traveler on the road who got tired of walking and settled down for a smoke. Reminds me a little of The Hobbit for some reason.

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Tanuki, Cheerful Raccoon Dog

This, friends, is a tanuki[^1], a real animal that I believe doesn’t exist outside of Japan which is usually translated as raccoon dog. They long ago entered folklore as jolly, but mischievous shapeshifters. You often find these statues… well, everywhere. This one was outside of a bar. They almost always have a turtle shell hat pushed back and a bottle of sake in one hand.

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