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Someiyoshino (染井吉野), or Yoshino Cherry, are the most popular kind of cherry blossoms in Japan, accounting for 80–90% of all cherry blossoms in the country

Someiyoshino is actually a relatively new cultivar. It is an artifical crossing of *oshimazakura* and *edohigan*, thought to have originated around 1720–1735 in Edo (Tokyo).

In the late Edo period, they were grown mainly in the village of Somei, Edo. They called the blossoms *yoshinozakura*, but in 1900 they were renamed *someiyoshino*.

In The Limelight

In today’s post, some details on Japan’s favorite type of cherry blossom: someiyoshino. Don’t forget the usual free iPhone 5 wallpaper.

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The Cherry Path

This is from last year, a preview of what we will be seeing in about two months or so, with luck. Cherry Blossoms!! Various other kinds start blooming soon (The kawazuzakura near me are already starting to bud), but the main attraction are the someiyoshino, and they don’t bloom till April.

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Sakura Carpet

This is from towards the end of the cherry blossom viewing season. Just look at that ground. Maybe it’s not quite thick enough to be a carpet, but there are quite a lot of fallen petals there.

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Under Sakura Cover

From Iga River, from around the same place I took this one if memory serves, but facing in the opposite direction and on a different day. We only had a handful of days before the sakura all showered down, and I was there for each one.

This was around 5pm so the light was sinking. Given the way the trees cover the river, this created shadows everywhere, which made this really hard to take even using HDR. I’m not entirely happy with the result, but it does do a good job showing how awesome this river looked.


Daily Photo: Lonely Hanami [107/365]

Daily Photo

Can it still be considered hanami (blossom viewing party) if you are by yourself? Either way, this guy seemed to be enjoying them. They were really showering down like crazy on the day I took this. Just look at the ground. Continue Reading →

A Blizzard of Sakura

This may not be the best photo in the world, but I really wanted to capture the falling sakura petals. In Japanese, it’s called Sakura Fubuki (桜吹雪), which means Cherry Blossom Blizzard and it is incredibly beautiful to watch, especially when you are in an area with hundreds of trees—the entire sky turns white and it really does look like a blizzard.

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Sakura Covered River II

Another photo from Iga River, the river I discovered a week ago that is covered by sakura (cherry blossoms) for about 8kms (5 miles). Go see part 1. This time I took the photo from a little below the blossoms so you can see the tunnel effect they created.

There is a small local business off to the side that sells 10 yen manju, these are sweets filed with red bean paste. Good snacks. It was super busy there with huge lines—I bet they made good money this week. After buying a few of them, everyone would come out to eat them under the blossoms.