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Omikuji is a kind of fortune. Most folks buy one on New Years, but they are available at any time. They usually give you a general fortune — great luck, good luck, fair luck, bad luck, or some variation of these with maybe a few others added in — and then more specific things such as if it is a good year for a new job, or for traveling, or having child, and so on.

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Water Dragon

It’s the year of the Water Dragon, so another look at the guardian of the temizuya1 at the shinto shrine.

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  1. teh-​​me-​​zoo-​​yah 

Waiting for a Wish

I went to hatsumōde today (first shrine trip of the year) to pray for good luck, both for my family and everyone! There were so many disasters this past year… hoping the dragon (this year) is much milder.

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