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Photo of the week: Sakura along the Oto River

Sakura on a cloudy day along the Oto River

Let’s try something new here. I take lots of photos and occasionally post them on this blog. I want to post them more often, so I’m going to put myself on a schedule here. Every week I’ll post a photo of the week. Today being Tuesday, let’s make the day for the photo of the week post every Tuesday. If I can keep this up, I may increase it to a few times a week. Baby steps, eh?

This one below is taken from the Oto River. The river is lined with cherry trees. I’ve been told there are over 1000 trees. It doesn’t seem like nearly that many to me, but then again, there are a lot of them. When they bloom, the entire river is white and pink.

Sakura on a cloudy day along the Oto River

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Spring is here, and Spring in japan means sakura, or cherry blossoms. It would be an understatement to say sakura are popular. Most cites have at least one park with hundreds to thousands of sakura trees, and the favorite spring activity of most people is walking under the cherry blossoms, watching the cherry blossoms, picnicking under the cherry blossoms (hanami), and getting drunk under the cherry blossoms.

The sakura are so popular, tv stations will track their blooming across the country and give forcasts for best days for seeing them.

I’m writing this from my iPhone, so here are a number of sakura photos I have taken with the phone. Enjoy!

Castle sakura White Shrine sakura At close range Pink at the park At the school Blowing in the wind Pink and yellow Sakura lights Fallen petals Cherry trees Spring is here Sakura map