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Sakura Blizzard at Shrine

It’s tough to find a more beautiful sight in Japan than the Cherry Blossoms raining down towards the end of their life every Spring. Called Sakura Fubuki (桜吹雪—cherry blossom blizzard) this is one event that just about everyone looks forward to seeing.

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Fallen Petals

Lots and lots and lots of fallen petals. As you have seen from some of my other sakura photos, they don’t just settle for one or two cherry trees here in Japan, but scores of them—or more. As a result of this, when the blossoms start to fall a week or two after blooming, everything and everywhere is covered with pink and white petals.

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A Blizzard of Sakura

This may not be the best photo in the world, but I really wanted to capture the falling sakura petals. In Japanese, it’s called Sakura Fubuki (桜吹雪), which means Cherry Blossom Blizzard and it is incredibly beautiful to watch, especially when you are in an area with hundreds of trees—the entire sky turns white and it really does look like a blizzard.

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