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They Learn Early In Japan

I don’t do a lot of people photography. It’s not that I don’t like it—far from it; in fact, people photos are among my favorites. The reason I don’t do a lot is because I don’t like the idea of secretly photographing people, either with a zoom lens or with a hidden camera. Most of the people photography you come across on the Internet is done in one of those ways. This is nothing new; even in the film days most people photography was taken in secret. Flip through an old film camera magazine and will find ads where you can order special bodies with bent mirrors so you point the body straight ahead, but secretly the viewfinder shows you what is to your left and photos that.

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Japanese Wedding; Just Married

This isn’t the kind of thing you stumble upon everyday. The couple heading to their car after the wedding with a photographer trying to snap it up—that’s common enough. The thing you don’t see everyday is the traditional wedding. As I understand it, they are becoming less and less popular every year. Most couples have a Western Wedding. They may still get photos in traditional wedding clothes, but they avoid the actual traditional wedding itself. Many have told me the traditional weddings may be beautiful to watch, but they are about as much fun as a root canal.

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Little Kimono Girl

A non-HDR today. This little girl is posing for a photo at Shichi-go-san—literally, 7-5-3—something of a rite of passage festival. Boys aged 3 and 5, and girls aged 3 and 7 dress in kimono and visit a nearby shrine for this event which is traditionally on or near Nov 15th, though the date isn’t that important—depending on the weather and their schedules people might do it on any nearby weekend.

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Slight Smile

I was asked the other day if I ever did anything other than HDR photography. Of course I do. I usually only post HDR to this blog in part because that is what people have come to expect from me, but I do occasionally post some non-HDR images. I also have an entire other blog set up for a more lo-fi type of photography from my iPhone.

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Feed the Birds

These pigeons that hang out near the river are incredibly spoiled. Every time I visit the area, some one is feeding them something. There are a great many—much more than you see in this photo—and they are always fighting over the food people throw them. Maybe that is why so many people feed them—to watch them fight it out.

Once again, I’m reminded of the Goodfeathers.

The city conveniently has a vending machine near the river just for bird food. However, it does costs more than two pence a bag.

Feed the Birds

See more pigeons.

FB Update

I updated my Facebook fan page name to be simply “JapanDave”, so now the fan page address is “http://www.facebook.com/JapanDave”. I suppose most of you know me that way, so this may make it easier to remember the page address.

Up to 30 fans! Much better than the 8 of a few days ago. Thank you all who have “liked” the page. Please be sure to suggest it to your friends and family. You can easily do so on the fan page by clicking the “Suggest to Friends” link below the icon.