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Green Reflections

“I loved Narcissus because, as he lay on my banks and looked down at me, in the mirror of his eyes I saw ever my own beauty mirrored.”

~Oscar Wilde, The Disciple

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Drainage Wall

Something about this scene jumped out at me. It seems to me that if this were in the US, someone would have poured kerosene or some kind of weed-killer on that wall so as to kill all the green stuff, but here in Japan it is often allowed to grow. I think there is so little green in cities, that people are more willing to allow weeds and other wild plants when they do find a place to come up. Continue Reading →

Japanese Neverland

Daily HDR Photo — Japanese Neverland

Today’s photo is a bit of nice green space in Okazaki, taken after a good rain so everything was green and fresh. Maybe not quite neverland, but it does suggest that feeling.

Japanese Neverland

It’s not easy to find spots like this in a Japanese city. Most spaces are usually packed full of.. everything. As for the places that do escape buildings, they often get covered by concrete. They have a thing for concrete here.

I’m often asked, even by people who have lived in Okazaki all their lives, how I find these spaces. Lots of walking. I don’t have a car, the bus and train system in Okazaki isn’t too hot, so I walk everywhere. Not only is it good for exercise, but you do run across some very nice spots that most folks tend to miss.

Even in our private oasis here, reality is intruding. Note the huge condos and the power-lines. Oh well. A bit of neverland is better than none at all.

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Misc Photo info

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Rice Field and foot bridges

In the States it’s not all that common to find farms within city limits, at least not full size farms (at least not that I’m aware of), but here it’s common enough to find small sections of farm land enclosed by the city. I understand this normally comes about from stubborn farmers who refuse to sell their land even as the city springs up around them. I’m told that even in Tokyo you can find little pockets of farm land.

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