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From The Archives: Orange Sky Over Busy Street

Back when I first posted this photo, I wondered if the orange sky was caused by more water in the air than normal. Since that time, I have received a few emails suggesting that the true cause might be air pollution. Oh… swell.

From The Archives: Mount Fuji

This was from a distance, obviously. What is not so obvious is that it was taken from inside the Shinkansen[1]. Taking the Shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo, the mountain is usually easy to see, but often it is half hidden in clouds. Luck was with me on this particular trip and the mountain was completely clear. Just to be different from the many many photos of Mt Fuji on the internet, I decided on the texture. Looking back on this old photo, I still think that was the right move.

  1. That is, the bullet train.  ↩

From The Archives: Let’s Go Pray

What you can’t see is that I was standing right next to the shrine office when I took this. The shrine attendants were having a conversation wondering what I was doing. I guess it’s not common for photographers to make themselves so obvious at this shrine[1].

  1. I jest, but I have been told before that it’s not polite to the shrine kami to take photos at shrines. Some people are very sensative about things like that (another example, you are not suppose to take photos of Buddha statues) so I might guess older people, and to a lesser extent Japanese people in general, may be less likely to take photos at sacred places, or at least less likely to be obvious about it—as us clueless foreign barbarians are.  ↩

From The Archives: Fire In The Sky!

Japan gets a lot of typhoon every year, at least a handful that hit the mainland. By the time they get to Aichi they are usually little more than rain storms. One thing that does set them apart from simple rain storms, however, is the sky after they have passed. The sky after a typhoon is always amazing. This photo I grabbed here was no exception.

From The Archives: Air Fish Swimming On The Breeze

Children’s Day was a few days ago. The day is kind of mainly for boys—in fact, it was once called Boy’s Day—but all kids can enjoy it. Most houses with boys will fly these giant carp streamers called koinobori. My wife and I don’t have a house, but we did fly smaller koinobori for my son.

From The Archives: Nagoya Back Alley

These alleyways are always interesting places to peek into as you walk around a larger Japanese city. It is what you might expect: restaurants, adult businesses, bears clinging to walls. Y’know, the norm.


From The Archives: Stormy Sky Over Church

I remember taking this shot a few years ago. The sky had been darkening for awhile and I knew it would let loose soon, but I went out anyway to take some photos, including this one. After just a few minutes I headed home and got in just in time—moments later it came pouring down.

HDR clouds and stormy sky

Dusk at the Shinto Shrine

Shrines are wonderful places in Japan if you are the nature type. They are surrounded by nature, usually thick with trees on at least a few sides, are quiet, are filled with pleasant insect sounds such a crickets in autumn and cicada in summer. All around great places to relax.