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A View to a Pond

Today's photo is a peaceful autumn scene near Okazaki Castle, overlooking a pond and a the shinkyo bridge, a traditional arched Japanese bridge


autumn wind—
singing in the duckweed
how many insects?


I don’t know how many insects there were, nor is that stuff floating in the pond duckweed—rather, it’s fallen leaves—but the autumn wind sure was singing when I took this photo. The autumn wind hits especially strong in the Tokai area, often making it much colder outside than the temperature reads.


This is one of my favorite areas. Over to the left, somewhat behind that clump of Japanese maples you see, is Okazaki castle. Straight ahead, at the building you can see under the bridge, is the tea house, where you can enjoy some matcha (powered green tea) while relaxing and taking in the surrounding nature.

The area is good for photos too.