For a limited time these photo-themed Journals are available from my Cafe Press store. These are very nice, quality notebooks, and the photos look nice on them. These are limited, and won’t last long (to be replaced with new ones), so don’t wait if you see one you like.

I’ve been told that monetary figures ending with a 1 are considered auspicious in certain cultures. Therefore, instead of using the standard .99 value, I’ve decided to end things with .11. Each is priced at $11.11. I think the potential for a little good luck is worth an extra 12 cents.

Enter the Matrix Notebook Japanese Maples Notebook Monk Man Notebook Korean Dog Roar Notebook Himeji Castle Notebook Roof Lion Journal

And for a buck more, two other options:

Being a coffee fanatic, I especially like that coffee mug.


Prints of any photo on this web site may be purchased directly by clicking on the link beneath them. In the future, I may select specific photos to feature on this page, but for the moment you have to go find what you want. Sorry, but then again, enjoy exploring :) I recommend starting with the ones listed here. You can also email me about what you want.

Licensing an Image

To inquire about licensing images for use please email: