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Free Calendar For February 2015

It’s February, which was once known as kisaragi (如月) in Japan, a name that means simply “wear extra clothes”.

I am going to restart the monthly wallpaper calendar giveaways. I will also be setting a discount price on prints if you want to order one for your wall. Use the coupon code kisaragi at check out to get 50% off.

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Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my birthday! A fact I actually wasn’t aware of until my wife and Facebook reminded me. I must be getting old and forgetful to not realize the day on my own.


As celebration, I am discounting all photo prints in my store by 50%. If you’ve been waiting to order any prints, now is the time to do so!

Simply use the coupon code “DavesBirthday” (without the quotes) at checkout for 50% off. The code will be good from today (July 6) to July 12th.

Here is a link to the store: