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Most Beautiful iPad wallpapers on the Net!

You paid good money for your iPad—you want it to look good, don’t you? I’ve put together a collection of 15 amazing wallpapers! They will really make your iPad look cool. You’ll be the envy of your friends!

Your iPad can look like this too!

Good on your iPhone and computer, too!

Since the iPhone uses the same OS as the iPad, things are almost exactly the same and these wallpapers will work there as well. They may also work well on other smart phones, although I don’t have an Android so I can’t test this. And, of course, they look wonderful on your computer too!

Super Hi-Res!

I have sized all wallpapers so that the long side is 1600 pixels. The iPad screen is only 1024×768. By sizing the wallpapers so large, this ensures that you will get a beautiful photo at either orientation, portrait or landscape.

Looks great in Landscape!

And looks awesome in portrait

Sample more photos showing this below, so keep reading 🙂

Pack #1

This pack includes 15 of my most popular photos! I picked a wide variety of subjects, so everyone should find at least a handful they like. (And by handful I mean all of them!)

15 beautiful photos of Japan plus 15 blurry versions of the same photos

Bonus: Blurred versions of all Wallpapers

Personally speaking, I find it is easy to “lose” your app icons in a vivid wallpaper photo; but when the background is blurry, the icons pop right off.

Of course you are free to use the clear versions for your background, but what I find best is to use the “clear” version for your lock screen wallpaper, and the blurry version for your background wallpaper.

For examples:

This is the clear version. I prefer this for the lock screen.

This is the blurry version. I prefer it for the background wallpaper.

Some more example screen shots

This is one of my favorite shots, and it looks great on the iPad!

Blurred version, turned to portrait view

This is a very historic temple, containing the remains of the woman who raised Ieyasu, the guy who went on to be Shogun. It looks stunning as an iPad wallpaper

This guy isn't the Buddha, but he can still help give your iPad that zen feel.

You can hold Shirakawa village right in your hands. This is one of the few places remaining that still makes these traditional farmhouses.

The blurry version is included for free if you want to use it. App icons really pop out when set against it.

This was during rainy season. I knew those clouds were about to let loose, but they were so gorgeous I just had to risk the rain damage to my camera to get them.

I wanted dramatic images that would really look great in your hands!

Instructions: How do I use them?!


  • When you purchase the pack, you will soon receive a link via email. Follow the link to download a .zip file.
  • Unzip this and import all the photos to iPhoto
  • Sync your iPad. Be sure to select to sync your iPhoto photos in iTunes.

After getting the photos onto your iPad, set them as the wallpaper like so:

Open the photo you want in the Photo app, hit that upper right arrow button and pick "Use as Wallpaper" from the drop down menu

Next, pick if you want the photo as your lock screen wallpaper, your Home screen wallpaper, or both

Only 5 bucks

For the price of about one and a half Starbucks grande coffees, you can get all 15 beautiful wallpapers, plus the 15 bonus blurry versions.

In addition, this is a great way to support JapanDave.com and all the photography I do that I give away freely every day. I get so many emails asking for ways to support me. This is your change. I really hope these make your iPad even better! And thank you so much for your support.

15 beautiful wallpapers featuring gorgeous scenes of Japan plus a bonus 15 blurry versions. Click the button below to buy.

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