About JapanDave

JapanDave.com is produced by David LaSpina.

David lives in Japan. Photography is his passion, his main hobby, and his primary source of income. In addition to photography, he enjoys reading about the history of Japan and places he visits within, amazing locals with his bad Japanese and enjoyment of natto, exploring the countryside by bike, and writing in the 3rd person.

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JapanDave.com is written on WordPress, using the Canvas framework from WooThemes. Design is original, but ideas were borrowed from many places[1].

Mac Apps

JapanDave was originally written in TextMate. Before the dark times[2]. Presently it is written in a combination of Byword and Sublime Text.

All photos are stored in Lightroom. They are primarily edited there too, but occasionally make their way to Photoshop. All HDR photos pass through Photomatix at some point. I have a great fondness for the VSCO Film filters.

iOS Apps

Random ideas and thoughts for both photography and this site are captured in Drafts. Byword also has an iOS version which is spiffy.

Unlike on the Mac, there is no single great photo app for iOS. The closest would be Snapseed. Other favorites include Hipstamatic, ScratchCam, Decim8, and Mextures. Percolator is fun too.


  • Fonts used on JapanDave.com are Nobile, Crimson Text, and both Josefin Sans and Josefin Slab.
  • Approximately 9,855 cups of coffee have been consumed while working on this site since it’s genesis in 2006. Dark roasts are best; black; no sugar[3].
  • Five Field Notes and a shoebox full of Moleskine Cahier memobooks have been filled with random, mostly illegible chicken scratches while working on this site.[4]
  • The smell puts most foreigners off (and many Japanese as well), but once you get past that, natto is pretty good. Try combining it with avocado and/or kimchi.
  • If it doesn’t sing, wait.

  1. I’m not sure if I would go as far as Picasso when he said ‘Good artists copy; great artists steal’ (this quote is often misattributed to Steve Jobs, probably because he famously loved the saying), but I would say everything is a remix.  ↩

  2. Before the Empire. (Not that I’m suggesting the Empire was responsible for the mess surrounding TextMate 2. But then again…  ↩

  3. Some coffee “experts” may tell you dark roasts taste burnt. If it tastes burnt, you are drinking low quality coffee that was roasted by someone who doesn’t know what they were doing. (Possibly also you were drinking it in a Starbucks)  ↩

  4. For the record, I prefer Field Notes, but I didn’t discover them until recently. The paper is a slightly heavier weight so my writing doesn’t show through to the other side as much, and the light gold ink they use for the paper lines beats the pants off the dark navy ink Moleskine uses.  ↩