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Kawazuzakura Cherry Blossoms

As you probably know by now if you follow this blog, there are tons of different kinds of sakura. Kawazuzakura is a kind that blooms maybe the earliest of all of them, around February. They are a deep pink color, quite different from the white of the someiyoshino, the most popular kind. I think the trees also don’t grow as big as some other kinds of cherry blossoms.

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From The Archives: Japanese White-Eye Hiding in Sakura

Catching these mejiro is tough! Not only do they jump all around like hyperactive hummingbirds, but there are bigger birds that are constantly chasing them away. There is always a large group of photographers waiting. You can tell when the mejiro start to appear because all the photographers start to run to and fro with their huge camrea bodies, expensive lenses, and tripods, hoping desperately to get that one great photo.


Cherry Blossoms 2013

The cherry blossoms of 2013 have come and gone. I have been a bit too busy taking care of my newborn son, Hikaru, to get out much, but I did manage to take a few of them.

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