Catch Me If You Can

They only last a week or so—less, if bad weather. Gotta catch them while you can.


Photoing the blossoms can be surprisingly difficult. The wind seems to be constantly blowing when they are in bloom, meaning the blossoms are constantly blowing to and fro. Also, any area with cherry blossoms is extremely busy, and most people seem to be trying to take photos.

Difficult, but worth it, eh?

These are someiyoshino, or Yoshino Cherry, which is the most popular variety of cherry blossom in Japan.

Just a note: I am posting a rather low quality version of these photos here. I’d love to post a better quality version, but that means a larger file size and slower loading (and higher data usage for all you viewing this page with your smartphone). If you want to see a high quality version, click on the “Full” link under the photo.

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