Chasing Senbazuru—The First Ten

Here they come.

The First 10

The other day I announced a new photo project: the folding and photoing of a senbazuru—one thousand paper cranes. A pretty crazy project. So far it is going well, I think. Here are the first ten of them. Let me know if any of them jump out at you in the comments.

Chasing Senbazuru 0002 — On The Way

Two down, 998 to go.

Chasing Senbazuru 0003 — The Field Notes Edition

Like all good hipsters, paper cranes love Field Notes.

Chasing Senbazuru 0004 — Watching From On High

Getting there.

Chasing Senbazuru 0005 — Typing Practice

Orizuru are excellent typists.

Chasing Senbazuru 0006 — Enjoying the Sun

Orizuru love nice weather.

Chasing Senbazuru 0007 — Best Friends

Hanging out with his much bigger buddy, Komainu.

Chasing Senbazuru 0008 — Patience

Waiting for all his brothers and sisters to me made.

Chasing Senbazuru 0009 — Boy’s Day

Last type in single digits. A perfect event to fall on Boy’s Day.

Chasing Senbazuru 0010 — He Took the Red Pill

Let’s find out how far this rabbit hole goes.

990 to go

And that is the first 10 of 1000 in my Chasing Senbazuru project. Be sure you follow on Instagram @ChasingSenbazuru if you want to keep up in real time[1].

  1. I’ve actually made many more than I’ve photoed at this point. I’m trying to keep it around 3 a day as to not overwhelm Instagram. But, at any rate, I am more up to date there than here.  ↩

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