Chasing Senbazuru 0001 — So It Begins

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Most of you probably know that orizuru (paper cranes) are good luck in Japan. The fold is a very traditional one and relatively simple do to, making it something nearly everyone can make.

What you may not know is that folding 1000 of them is extremely lucky. Senbazuru is the name for this group. The idea comes from an old Japanese legend that states anyone who folds 1000 orizuru will get a wish from the gods. Some versions of the story say you get long life instead of a wish, others say general good health. Either way, the general idea is that folding 1000 of these things will net you some kind of good fortune. The catch is that all the orizuru have to be folded by the same person and they must all be folded in a year.

Usually the 1000 orizuru are strung together and hung up. Due to the legend they are popular as gifts, such as from the father of the bride to the couple or to new babies. You can also often spot them hanging out at shrines. Maybe the most famous place to see them is at the Hiroshima Peace Park. This is because of Sadako Sasaki, a young girl who developed leukemia when she was 12 due to the atomic bomb and who attempted to fold 1000 orizuru to wish for good health. She only reached 644 before she died, but her memory is honored with many senbazuru at the park.

Daily Photo: Chasing Senbazuru 0001 — So it begins

You might guess what’s coming next…. I am going to be folding 1000 cranes and taking photos of each of them.

Now, since 1000 photos of orizuru might be a little boring, I am going to play around with each shot, trying different ideas and experimenting. Hope some jump out at you.

You can follow along with the project on Instagram at ChasingSenbazuru and I will try to keep this site updated with each shot too. I am posting this first one by itself, but future posts for this project will probably combine many shots.

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