Enjoying The Festival, And The Cherry Blossoms Too

The cherry blossoms have arrived for 2016 and everyone is out enjoying them.

Cherry Blossom Festival

The cherry blossoms are probably the single biggest event in the Japanese year. The new school year begins when he blossoms bloom, the new work year (when new employees begin) also starts with the blossoms, and they are generally considered to be good luck. And one anxiously looks forward to them all winter—in fact the TV weather forecast in spring includes a cherry blossom blooming forecast, showing where they have already bloomed and where they are expected to bloom next.

When the trees finally start blooming, the cherry blossom festival starts. All the food stalls come out and festival events are set up; everyone in the local area shows up and enjoys both events and junk food before settling down for eating and drinking under the trees. It’s a fun event and one you shouldn’t miss if you are lucky enjoy to visit Japan in April.

Daily Photo: Enjoying the Festival, and the Cherry Blossoms Too

All of these food stalls sell either overpriced junk food or games. Crowded area.

See more cherry blossoms from years past.

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