Everyday Train 003—Smartphone Distractions

Is it really such a bad thing?

Smartphones on Trains

These days just about everyone on the train is staring blankly into their smartphones: browsing the web, playing a game, or… editing photos, in my case. You can find no end to older Japanese pointing to this fact and using it to lament the sad state of society. I was in Japan before smartphones, however, and can say with confidence… things weren’t that much different at that time. Instead of smartphones, everyone was staring into books, newspapers, or just sleeping. Was that better than this?

Daily Photo: Everyday Train 003—Smartphone Distractions

Today’s train brought to you by Hipstamatic, Mextures, Snapseed, Percolator, Imageblender, and coffee. Mmm coffee. Good old coffee… you’ll never let me down.

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