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Autumn leaves and traditional arch bridges. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Autumn Leaves in Japan

The colored Autumn leaves are called kouyou (紅葉)[1]. This is actually the same kanji used for the Japanese Maples, momiji, so you will sometimes see momiji being used to refer to the autumn leaves in general too. This goes to show how important the Japanese maples are—they are without a doubt the king of autumn leaves in Japan.

Daily Photo: Into the Wild

It is difficult to compete with the natural beauty of Japan in autumn. The wonderful traditional foot bridge (taikobashi (太鼓橋) or engetsukyo (円月橋)[2]) helps complete the scene.

I came to this park expecting to see the bridge covered in bright red leaves. Turned out the momiji near the bridge weren’t quite ready to turn. Oh well. The green contrasts well with the red and orange in the background from the ones that had already turned, so it ended up ok.

  1. Pronounced KO-YO, with both vowels held double the normal length. See here for more on Japanese pronunciation.  ↩

  2. I briefly mentioned this mystery a few days ago  ↩

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