At Night With The Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms look even better at night.


When they cherry blossoms are lit up at night, they are referred to as 夜桜—yozakura[1]. With the Japanese pulling such long hours, night is often the only time people can actually get out and enjoy the blossoms; because of this, yozakura are quite popular. It’s hard to capture on camera, but when the light hits the cherry blossoms just right, there is a very magical sparkle.

Daily Photo: At Night With The Cherry Blossoms

About the only negative of the cherry blossom viewing season is the makeshift parking lots which often seem to be right in the thick of things, cluttering up the view.

Night cherry blossoms—yozakura
Night cherry blossoms—yozakura

  1. Literally: Night cherry blossoms.  ↩

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