All Bunched Up

Bunches of cherry blossoms, as far as the eye can see.


These are someiyoshino or Yoshino Cherry and are the most popular type of cherry blossom. As you can see they are snow white and grow in bunches. When they are getting ready to fall, the middle starts to turn a slight pink, again as you can see in the photo.

Daily Photo: All Bunched Up

As you may be able to tell, I shot this with a wide angle lens, at 10mm I think. Many people think of a wind-angle lens as being for getting more in that landscape shot, but I think the most interesting uses of it are shots that use it’s distortion to craft a unique spin on a scene. Here the distortion is making those bunches of sakura near the lens pop out from the rest making a kind of 3D effect. In reality, the rest were only inches behind instead of the feet it looks like in the photo.

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