At Night With The Cherry Blossoms

Night Cherry Blossom viewing: the best way to spend a Spring evening.


I think it’s a safe bet that doing some late evening hanami to see the yozakura—the cherry blossoms lit up at night—is the favorite activity for most Japanese folks in spring. It is still usually a bit nippy outside, but the saké and the traditional junk food as well as the beautiful flowers help everyone ignore the cold.

About the only negative of the cherry blossom viewing season is the makeshift parking lots which often seem to be right in the thick of things, cluttering up the view. Otherwise it is a wonderful time for viewing, especially at night.

Daily Photo: At Night With The Cherry Blossoms

I mentioned these spring nights are a bit nippy. Not exactly comfortable weather for standing around waiting for some long-exposure photos to pop off. The wind wasn’t so strong, but I was standing on a bridge over this river, so what little wind there was was hitting me directly—and let me tell you, it was ice cold!

Totally worth it to get a nice shot like this, though.

Night cherry blossoms
Night cherry blossoms

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