Night Cherry Blossoms at the Castle

Night Cherry Blossoms all lit up for the cherry blossom viewing festival.

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

It’s tough to really understand just how big of an event the cherry blossoms are in Japan until you visit and see it for yourself.

They are everywhere, they are all everyone talks about, they provide the major events of the season.

The cherry blossom viewing festival last all day for all of the time they are in bloom, but it is not a holiday so most people have to work and can’t really see them during the day except for through car and office windows, or for a quick lunch trip.

Luckily they light the cherry blossoms up at night so everyone can enjoy them after hours, and it is a great time to do just that. Called yozakura (夜桜) when lit up at night, there is something special about walking in the chilly night air of spring and seeing the pink flowers everywhere.

It’s just not spring without a night walk near the blossoms—a snack from one of the food stalls helps (I always get some taiyaki).

Daily Photo: Night Sakura at the Castle

Pictured is the Shinkyo Bridge at Okazaki Castle, all lit up for the a night viewing of the Cherry Blossoms. A poor copy of the more famous bridge at Nikko, perhaps, but it still looks wonderful at night with the paper lanterns strung along it. You can see the cherry blossoms on either side of the bridge.

Shinkyo bridge and night cherry blossoms at Okazaki Castle

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