Tunneling Under the Sakura

A Sakura Tunnel! What’s a Sakura Tunnel, you ask? Read on and find out.

Sakura Tunnel

Cherry Blossom trees need a lot of water. Because of this, you usually find them growing along rivers or other bodies of water. If you pay attention, you’ll probably notice that most cherry blossom photos you see are along rivers.

One of the effects of the trees growing near rivers is that for larger and older trees, you sometimes get this effect where the branches of the tree hang over a path next to the river, creating a tunnel effect. My wife calls these Sakura Tunnels whenever we spot places with this effect. They are always her favorite places to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Judging by how many people flock to these places, I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to say many others share her opinion.

Daily Photo: Tunneling Under the Sakura

Here is one of those Sakura Tunnels. You wouldn’t believe how long I had to wait to get a photo with no one in it. Japanese people are very polite and wait if they see I am trying to take a photo, but the problem is people coming from the opposite end. Oh well—patience is a good thing, right? I think in this case at least my patience was rewarded.

A Sakura Tunnel near the river


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