I See You

Did I catch him… Or did he catch me…?

Little, Green, And Hard to Find

No, I’m not talking about Leprechauns. The little green things I have in mind are the ones you see in the photo below: mejiro. The English name is Japanese white-eye due to a white ring around their eyes (which you can see in the photo below) but as with many plants and animals, I learned the Japanese word for this bird before the English, so I always use mejiro. These are fun little birds. They dart around like hummingbirds and are always attracted to sweet things. Usually bird photographers attract them by hanging cut oranges from trees. Waiting for the plum blossoms to bloom works too.

Daily Photo: I See You

He spotted me!

The best part of the plum blossoms is they have a wonderful fragrance. The second best part is that they attract mejiro. I thought I caught this one, but seems he might have been thinking the same thing.


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