A Memory of Someiyoshino

How thick the someiyoshino are in this photo! Let’s talk about them a bit.

Yoshino Cherry

Someiyoshino (染井吉野, but usually written in kana ソメイヨシノ)—Yoshino Cherry—are by far the most popular kind of cherry blossom in Japan. I recently read that something like 90% of the cherry blossoms in Japan are someiyoshino. That’s not bad for a kind that was only developed 100 or so years ago. They were only first discovered in Ueno park around 1882 and are thought to have been developed around 1730, a hybrid between ōshimazakura and edohigan.

(If interested, go read more on their history)

Daily Photo: Lost in a Memory

The Japanese plant the cherry blossoms—someiyoshino in this case, of course—so thick that when they bloom, you can almost become lost in them! I wanted to capture that feeling in this photo.


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