Autumn Leaves Carpet

Today, a new post! Yah! Some notes about Japanese attitude to weather, and autumn leaves.


It’s been a very busy January, but not an expecially cold one. We’ve had our cold days, but most have been relatively nice. One interesting thing that may pop out at you if you visit Japan is comments about weather. The Japanese are normally somewhat reserved in public, but when it comes to temperature, they are much more vocal than we are in America. In winter everyone constantly announces quite loudly samui (cold) and in summer atsui (hot). It seems to me weather is one of the few areas without unspoken rules to be quiet about it, so people take full advantage and aren’t only not quiet about it but are very loud about it.

Daily Photo: Autumn Leaves Carpet

Just another autumn day in paradise from a few short months ago. I took this with my wide angle lens, which I’ve been using more and more lately. It was a 7 exposure HDR. One of these days I’ll post about just how I can do these large exposure HDRs when Canon cameras only allow 3 exposures. But not today 🙂



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