Quora Hanging Around

Today, all about Quora and some temple Sakura.


Have you heard of Quora? It is neat social network based on asking and answering questions. I think it has been around for awhile, but I only recently discovered it.

The format is similar to Yahoo Answers, where users ask questions and other users give answers. But while the quality of questions on Yahoo Answers is often stupid to silly, at Quora the questions are much better, and some of the answers are amazingly detailed.

For example, one of the people I follow, Tim O’Neill gives incredibly detailed answers to any question asked about medeval Europe, the reality of early Christianity, or similar topics. He even includes a bibliography section to his answers!

I recommend checking it out. If you do, here is my profile so that you can follow me. I have been answering questions about Japan, philosophy, and photography. I don’t know if my answers are all that good, but it’s kind of a fun way to pass time while stuck on the train (they have a nice iOS app).

Daily Photo: Just Hanging Around

Some weeping cherry blossoms at a temple. Very relaxing to come here and enjoy.


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