Beating Facebook at Their Game

Today, another super user hostle move by Facebook and how you can get around it, and a violent end to the cherry blossoms.

Facebook is Greedy; How To Beat the Greed

The JapanDave Facebook page is going strong with close to 6000 fans. Following us on Facebook is one of the best ways to get daily updates. Not only do we share the daily post there, but also photos from the archives, and occusionally specials (such as discounts on photos from my store).

Lately Facebook changed how they work. It used to be that everyone who “liked” the JapanDave page would see every post, but now Facebook only shows new posts to an incredibly small percentage of fans. So when I post a new photo, for instance, only around 1% of the people who have liked the page will actually see the photo—everyone else won’t see anything.

What gives? Well, Facebook is a business and they decided the best way to make revenue is charge money to have a post shown to all fans. So when I put up a new post or photo, only around 1% of the fans will see it, but if I pay Facebook $100 or so, everyone will see it. See the photo below… (come to think of it, 39 out of 6000 is less than 1%…so it’s even worse)

Seems a little user hostile to me—after all, as a user, I want to see everything a page I like posts. But whatever, this isn’t the first user-hostile thing Facebook has done before.

There is a way around this however so that you can see everything posted to the JapanDave Facebook page. Go to the JapanDave Facebook page. Hover your mouse cursor over the page’s name on any post, a popup giving some info on the page will pop up. Move your cursor down to hover over the Liked button and a second pop-up window will appear. Click Get Notifications in that window.

Now you will be notified every time a post or photo is posted to this page. Incidently, if this ever annoys you and you don’t want to be notified of every post, just follow the same steps.

Daily Photo: A Storm Won’t Keep Us From the Cherry Blossoms

The plan was take cherry blossom photos. I wasn’t here but a few minutes, however, when suddenly the wind picked up, the sky filled with clouds and darkened, and a violent storm came out of nowhere.

The storm only laster 15 minutes—when the rain started coming down a few moments after I took this, I fled for shelter—but when it was over, the trees you see here were completely empty of blossoms.


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