River of White

In today’s post, a brief site update and a river made of cherry blossoms!

Linked Posts and Quotes Returning Soon

This past month or so I’ve been able to do the undoable and return to daily posting. Everything is starting to come together; I have more time and I’m finally getting a decent workflow put together that allows me to make the most of what time I have.

But with everything, there are tradeoffs. Regular visitors will notice that though the daily photos have returned, the link posts and quotes have disappeared. Sorry about that if you enjoyed them. Now that I have a good workflow for my photo posts, I will be turning my sights on other post types. Stay tuned!

Daily Photo: River of White

In Spring, the Iga river turns white! At least it once did. Recently the city chopped down all the trees you see as they widened the river, made it much deeper, and covered the sides with concrete. A few years ago the Iga river flooded pretty badly so the city decided this was necessary. A shame to lose such a wonderful thing, but at least I have it preserved in photos!


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