Autumn in Japan

In today’s post, a few thoughts on autumn in my home city vs autumn in Japan and a beautiful photo from Korankei.

Autumn in My City; Autumn in Other Cities

I saw a funny meme on Twitter the other day. It was a photo divided into two: the top featuring a beautiful autumn scene with colored leaves and the caption “Autumn in other cities”; the bottom featured a park so muddy and baren that it looks almost like a swamp with the caption “Autumn in my city”. If the link holds (I don’t know how long twitter stores photos) you can see it here.

It’s funny because I can relate. My hometown in Indiana always seems to be more rainy and muddy than not during autumn1. Although we do have pleasent and beautiful days, they seem the exception. Whereas here in Japan, beautiful clear days that perfectly highlight the gorgeous color leaves seem more the rule. See the photo below.

Daily Photo: Autumn in Japan

Another shot from the amazing Korankei valley. I’ve posted several shots from here these past few weeks. Looking at how packed the bridge is, you may get an idea of just how popular this location is.


  1. Indiana does have a few places famous for beautiful leaves in autumn—like this one—but unfortunately my hometown, Muncie, isn’t one of them. 

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