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In today’s post, some details on Japan’s favorite type of cherry blossom: someiyoshino. Don’t forget the usual free iPhone 5 wallpaper.


Most of you probably only know one type of cherry blossom (or sakura), the uhm… the cherry blossoms! Actually there are a great many kinds. Hundreds, going by the book I have on the subject, although only a handful are common. The one in today’s photo is called someiyoshino1 and it is the most popular kind. It’s actually not that old, having only been created in the latter days of the Edo era2. This leads to one of the big anachronism in many historic movies: if the movie features cherry blossoms, they are almost always someiyoshino, even though they didn’t yet exist.

I talked about why the cherry blossoms are so important to the Japanese a few days ago. Did you read it?

Daily Photo: In The Limelight

I love the creamy highlights you can get from shooting at a large aperture—1.8 in this case. I purposely blew out most of the highlight area for effect. I think it came off really well.


  1. So-may-yo-she-no 

  2. 1603-1867 

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