All Aboard

Today, street photography! A few thoughts on it as well as the daily photo.

People Photography

People photography isn’t something I shy away from, but it’s never been something I embrace either. Sometimes I don’t like the idea of taking someone’s photo without their explicit permission (something that is often difficult or impossible to get in traditional street photography), other times I just find the entire exercise boring. But occusionally I force myself to practice the technique, and I usually like what I end up with—others do too, it seems: my street photography photos are constantly among my most popular.

Daily Photo: All Aboard!

I’ve been playing around with double exposure a lot lately, expecially when it comes to people photography. It adds a feeling of motion, I think, and makes the entire thing more dynamic.

I processed this photo to mimic Kodak TRI-X 400, by the way. What do you think?


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