Moving Purple Ceiling


Of wisteria blooms
I caught sight, today, and ever since
As violet
Of the deepest hue, my passion,
Grows ever more profound!

SmugMug Redesign

I may have posted a link about this before, but I thought I’d mention it again. A few weeks ago SmugMug finished with a complete redesign of the site. They did a great job! As you may be aware, I host all my photos at SmugMug so I was quick to try out the new features they introduced. You can check out my new SmugMug Profile page here. As with this site, I went for a more understated, minimal design. I may add more things later, but I’m quite happy with it for now.

Of Wisteria Blooms

The Lady Ise was one of the feature poets of the Kokinshū, a poetry anthology published c. 920. She was a Fujiwara, but by her time her branch of the Fujiwara family had lost any real power. She gave birth to a son by Emperor Uda but he died in childhood.

She is known for her passion and wit. Together with Ono no Komachi, she is one of the premier woman poets of the early classical canon.

Daily Photo: Moving Purple Ceiling

The wisteria are always interesting to take photos of. What you don’t see in the photo is the huge bees that were flying everywhere. I know they are busy with flowers, but it is a little scary to have giant bees buzzing loudly around your head!

Because they are such fragle and light flowers, usually the wind is constantly blowing them to and fro. For this photo I decided to embrace that motion and took a long exposure HDR. Makes for an interesting effect, doesn’t it?


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