Lost in Thought

“Abandoned corpses numbered
in the hundreds,” they say,
“in the thousands”
Not one of us
can live twice
~Toki Zenmaro

Not one of us can live twice

Zenmaro wrote this poem in 1940 upon hearing the war news that corpses of the defeated enemy numbered in the hundreds and thousands. His response: Life is precious. In 1940, in Japan, such a poem would have required incredible courage to publish. Zenmaro was attacked by some as being unpatriotic and anti-war, but thankfully that is all that happened.

One interesting bit about Zenmaro was that he had an interest in roman letters (rōmaji) and wanted to see Japanese characters replaced by them. In fact, his tanka collection Nakiwarai was written entirely in rōmaji without any Japanese characters.

Daily Photo: Lost in Thought

A Jizō statue gazing off in his meditation. Except for his bright red cap, this was almost a colorless scene, so I went ahead and made it monochrome. Works much better this way I think.

It really works great as a iPhone wallpaper. The monochrome lets your icons pop!


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