I Waited At Home

Briefly I slept
and saw
the one I love
Now I place my faith
in this thing called dreams
~Ono no Komachi

The Lady Komachi

Ono no Komachi is considered one of the 6 poetic immortals in Japan, the only woman in this group of early Heian1 poets. There are many literary works in Japan about her great beauty and misfortune. This tanka2 is from book XII of the Kokinshū. It alludes to the then common belief that dreaming of the one you loves meant that they desired you. But there is an undertone of sadness here, that although she once met her lover in a dream, now he will never come.

Daily Photo: I Waited At Home For You, But You Never Came

Initially I only snapped this scene to later show off how small Japanese home garages are, but later when I looked at it I noticed a different story.


  1. The Heian Period, 平安時代 Heian jidai, (794-1185) is generally thought to be the peak of the Japanese imperial court and is famous for its art, especially poetry and literature. 

  2. 短歌, short poem. Usually 5 units (or lines when translated), with a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern. 

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