The Walls Have Eyes

Hello all! My Internet has been restored and I am back! Kind of. My wife is nearing her due date and so things are a little chaotic here, so I don’t know if I can return to my formor daily posting quite yet, but the current goal is to try to get something up at least once or twice a week.

Lately I’ve been turning to a more minimalist view of things in my photography. I’ve been posting a string of photos—my minimalist series, if you will—to Facebook recently. Over the next few days, I’ll try to repost my favorites here.

The Walls Have Eyes

I was inspired by a photo series I saw at a local photo exhibition a number of months ago which featured the faces in every day objects. It showed a number of ordinary objects shot in such a way as to illustrate a face: two eyes, a mouth, maybe a nose or other features. This photo represented one of my first attempts to see the world this way.


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