Loves Her Candy

From the Shichigosan festival last year. She is really enjoying that candy, isn’t she?

Shichigosan1 is when kids 3,5, and 7 dress up in kimono and head to shrine to celebrate, hence shichigosan which literally means 7-5-3. Girls 3 and 7 go, and boys 3 and 5.

Why these ages? Traditionally age 3 was when kids were allowed to grow out their hair (prior to this it was shaven), boys at age 5 were allowed you wear hakama (a traditional bottom worn over a kimono; think of aikido and you have the image), and age 7 was when girls were allowed to use an obi to tie their kimono rather than simple strings.

But of course none of these things really matter these days and it is just an excuse to have a fun holiday.

The candy she’s eating is called chitose ame, a traditional long, thin candy that is a sign of long life and healthy growth. Kid’s love this stuff! I was able to get her attention so she looked at me, but I couldn’t get her to stop eating!


Thanks for reading! ~David LaSpina

  1. She-Chee-Go-Sahn 

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