After The Rain

Instagram top 5

Do you use Instagram? If not and if you own an iPhone, you should. It’s a fun service. Here is a list of top users I love and that I fully recommend you follow. I’m borrowing this idea from Stuck in Customs, by the way. I get a lot of enjoyment from Instagram, so I think this is a great idea to do myself.

  1. @Ocari
  2. @zenlen
  3. @locohama
  4. @pianopia
  5. @sirfishalot

I could list more I enjoy, but let’s leave it at that for now. Maybe I’ll make another list sometime soon. And of course you can always follow me at @japandave. Do you have anyone to suggest? Do so in the comments.

Daily Photo: After The Rain [176/365]

Not a huge flood by any means, but still much higher than usual. Everyday after the rainy season rain it is high like this, but it always quickly falls to about half this level.


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