Pounding the Taiko Drum

Taiko (太鼓) are a kind of traditional Japanese drums. Have you ever listened to them before? The performances are really something to see. Everyone plays in complete unison, down to using the exact same hand and arm gestures. I have no idea how much practice goes into this, but I imagine it is a lot!

Here is a video I took with my iPhone of a recent performance I saw at a local festival. This is one of the less exciting songs, but it was the only one I filmed—the rest of the time I was shooting photos with the camera. Even one of the less exciting ones, it gives you an idea of what is involved in these things.

Today’s shot is a closer look at the big drum and the two fellas playing it. They were really knocking the heck out of that thing.


Show Me Japan

It’s that time again, time for Show Me Japan, the weekly event that gathers photos from all over Japan. Why not go have a look?

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