Samurai with Cell Phone

I think that is a cell phone he’s holding anyways. The latest crop from docomo all look like cameras. I think they are all something crazy like 10 megapixels, too. Are point and shoot cameras dead? Yes, or soon will be. Why buy a point and shoot with a menu system so complicated and confusing that you need a PhD to figure it out when your cell phone can give you the same quality of photo?

But I digress. Anyways, then again it might just be a camera. Either way, I don’t think samurai had cell phones/cameras back in the day. I could be wrong; I wasn’t there.

Is he suppose to be a samurai? I only see one sword. You Japanese historians reading this can let me know for sure.

This is from the Ieyasu parade, a yearly event held whenever the cherry blossoms are at full bloom. It’s a fun event.

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