Weekly Review: This Week in JapanDave Photography #11 (Feb 6th-12th)

A wide variety of photos this week, including: a nice fall path, a sunset, a tanuki (a raccoon dog) statue, a look at the new city bus stops, a huge temple house, a fish skeleton playground, and the buddha path.

Have a look, enjoy, and be sure to save any you like.

Sunday, Feb 6th—Teahouse Path in Fall

Red and gold Fall leaves, dancing with the wind above, an empty path. (LINK)

Sun Photo

Monday, Feb 7th—Moody Sunset

A lovely HDR photo of a dark and moody sunset over the Oto River. (LINK)

Mon Photo

Tuesday, Feb 8th—Tanuki: Cheerful Racoon Dog

A close-up of a tanuki statue, a raccoon-dog. These statues are extremely common in Japan. You may have even seen them in Super Mario 3. (LINK)

Tues Photo

Wednesday, Feb 9th—Budget Cuts

Times are tough and the city is cutting back. Will all bus stops soon look like this one? (LINK)

Wed Photo

Thursday, Feb 10th—Temple House

A nice and large house for the head temple priest. (LINK)

Thurs Photo

Friday, Feb 11th—Fish Skeleton Playground

Go and play nice inside the fish, kids. (LINK)

Fri Photo

Saturday, Feb 12th—Buddha Path

Path of the Boddhisatvas, anyways. Pick the one you like best and pray for your wish. Then pick another and repeat. (LINK)

Sat Photo

And that is that. Hope you see something there you liked, and hope you had a great week!

Other things

If you enjoyed seeing all these photos, be sure to check back everyday for the daily shot, or next week for another review. In the meantime.

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