Weekly Review: This Week in JapanDave Photography #10 (Jan 30-Feb 5)

This week some really nice nature photos, some minimalism, and a Japanese shack. Enjoy them all.

Sunday, DATELantern Minimalism

A close up look at a stone lantern. These lanterns are always nice. Simple, elegant, and beautiful. (LINK)

Sun Photo

Monday, DATEOut of the Tunnel

Looking up and out from an underground pass. Be careful of the speeding cyclists! (LINK)

Mon Photo

Tuesday, DATEOld Japanese Shack

An old, falling apart, Japanese shack. Someone lives here?? (LINK)

Tues Photo

Wednesday, DATEInari Flag Tunnel

The flag tunnel at Toyokawa Inari. Where does this mysterious path lead? (LINK)

Wed Photo

Thursday, DATEHidden Pond Lantern

Hidden away in plain sight, a peek at a secret Japanese garden. (LINK)

Thurs Photo

Friday, DATEPurple Bunches

Beautiful purple flowers! You may call them hydrangea, ajisai, or mophead. Er…what? (LINK)

Fri Photo

Saturday, DATETextured Fall Landscape at the Oto River

A beautiful landscape taken from the banks of the Oto River made more interesting with some textures. (LINK)

Sat Photo

And that is that. Hope you see something there you liked, and hope you had a great week!

Other things

If you enjoyed seeing all these photos, be sure to check back everyday for the daily shot, or next week for another review. In the meantime.