Daily Photo: Uphill Climb [45/365]

Lots of hills and mountains in the Okazaki area. I suppose this is rough on cars, but it is even rougher on bicyclists like myself. This one here was just a bit too steep for me, so I had to jump off and walk it up. It wasn’t exactly easy walking up a street this steep either!

I’m not sure how true it is, but I’ve been told by many people that the bedrock Okazaki is built on is the best in Japan, so good in fact that Okazaki supplied the stones for many of the castles around the country. Some of these same people have told me this strong foundation makes Okazaki earthquake-proof. I’m pretty sure I’ve felt more than a few earthquakes during my time here, but they were small. Again I don’t know if this anti-earthquake thing is true or just locals proud of their city stretching the truth a little. You geologists out there can let me know.

Either way, lots of mountains. Makes biking interesting.

Daily Photo

But this hill is worth it. Here’s what awaits at the top.

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