Purple Bunches

These are such gorgeous flowers. They bloom all summer, but mainly around July. You probably know them as hydrangea, but I prefer the Japanese name ajisai. Easier to say, both for me and for the Japanese.

The ones I see in Japan are usually purple or blue, but you can find many other colors. They come in two types: The kind you see below, called mophead, and one that resembles a crown, called lacecap. I prefer the mophead type, but many prefer the other. You can see one of them here. How about you?


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Show Me Japan

Time for Show Me Japan, the weekly collection of photos from every corner of the country. This is my entry this week; go check out some other ones.

Facebook FUN club

I admit, I don’t entirely understand Facebook, so the JapanDave fan page is still a work in progress, but I am wanting to do some cool stuff like prize give-aways and other fun things. How about this: Join now and be surprised when I do figure out how to do these things!

Besides, everyone loves facebook, right? …right??

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