Daily Photo: A-ok, Bossman [44/365]

This guy here is from a camping and fishing store in the area. I haven’t actually been fishing here in Japan yet, but seems like a popular activity. This store is always packed with people, anyways. I was going for kind of a “hipstamatic” effect with this photo today. If you are an iPhone user, you know what I’m talking about. Hipstamatic is an iPhone camera app that processes photos taken with a delightful analog look, complete with lots of grain, light leaks, strange colors, and other lofi treats. It is one of the most popular iPhone apps, so I’m obviously not the only person who digs these effects.

It almost seems to defeat the point of HDR to process it in such a way, but I look at HDR as a way to get more light for me to play with, that’s all. We often think of HDR as these crazy, over-the-top things, but that is processing (or tone-mapping), not HDR itself.

Daily Photo


Here are a few random Hipsta shots using various “films” & “lenses”1. If you have an iPhone, I would fully recommend you pick up this app. More here

Jizo Group in Stylish OrangeTracking carsAt Higashi ParkAlmost Time All quiet at the shineColorful RiversideWhite FlowerStudying at Starbucks

  1. Lenses and Films is what Hipstamatic calls their filters in their attempt to keep you in the analog frame of mind. You pick a “film” and a “lens” and these two filters combine for the final effect. It sounds silly, and I suppose maybe it is, but it actually is kind of fun in practice.

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